In Memory...

In Memory of my friend LCpl Johnny Copeland (USMC) and the 240 other U.S. Marines and sailors who lost their lives in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983 when their barracks were struck by a truck bomb.

The Seacoast Marines website has a Beirut page full of information from news articles and such, including some about LCpl Copeland.

The Beirut Memorial website has a list of those lost on that tragic day.

My late brother (also a Marine) took these pics for me when he visited the 20th Remembrance of the attack.

The memorial plaque at the Beirut Memorial in Jacksonville, NC.
They Came In Peace memorial in Jacksonville, NC.

The Other Wall

It does not stand in Washington
By others of its kind
In prominence and dignity
With mission clear defined.
It does not list the men who died
That tyranny should cease
But speaks in silent eloquence
Of those who came in peace.
This Other Wall is solemn white
And cut in simple lines
And it nestles in the splendor
Of the Carolina pines.
And on this wall there are the names
Of men who once had gone
In friendship's name to offer aid
To Beirut, Lebanon
They did not go as conquerors
To bring a nation down
Or for honor or for glory
Or for praises or renown.
When they landed on that foreign shore
Their only thought in mind
Was the safety of its people
And the good of all mankind
Though they offered only friendship
And freedom's holy breath
They were met with scorn and mockery
And violence and death.
So the story of their glory
Is not of battles fought
But of their love for freedom
Which was so dearly bought.
And their wall shall stand forever
So long as freedom shines
On the splendor and the glory
Of the Carolina pines.
      -- R. A. Gannon